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A summary of OlsenTwins.net's comments and positions on the legal maneuvering by Dualstar against fan websites.


The Dualstar lawyers have launched the latest salvo in their attack on fan expression.  On September 29, 2000 new guidelines for fan sponsored websites were posted on the official Olsen website, mary-kateandashley.com.   The guidelines, as posted (click to view), are far more sweeping than originally expected.  The issues at hand go far beyond the debate over whether certain sites such as ours can use a domain name relating to the twins.   They now wish to very severely restrict what you can do with even the simplest fan page whether you have a domain name, or not.   And in their carefully worded legal jargon, they leave enough wiggle room on their part to pretty much leave you thinking they can shut your site down, at will, for even unspecified infractions of their so called guidelines.  You should be aware that much of what they seem to threaten they can do, they legally can not.  However, since every site is unique in its situation, you should evaluate your own situation carefully and objectively before just submitting to every request.

OlsenTwins.net, in cooperation with other fan sites big and small, will keep you informed of the latest developments regarding these most troubling developments.  One would hope that at some point the Dualstar team would realize the damage they are doing to the very fan base that makes their empire possible.  Without fans, no celebrity would be famous.   

In response to this latest move on the part of Dualstar we encourage you to do the following:

  1. On Monday, Oct. 2, at 7PM eastern (6 central/4 pacific/ 2300GMT) the mary-kateandashley.com webmaster will be hosting a re-scheduled session of his weekly online chats.   If you can make it to the chat, please politely voice your opinion on the new guidelines they are imposing on us.   The chat is held at http://www.mary-kateandashley.com/chat/

  2. Since the very existence of sites like ours is in jeopardy, please make note of other fan resources, especially the Olsen Discussion Board @ sweetin.com.   Should this site, or other sites get shut down, it will be a forum to keep you informed as to what happened, and what the future holds for any of the sites you love.   The Olsen Discussion board @ sweetin.com can be reached at http://www.sweetin.com/cgi-local/messagesummary.pl?olsen   Visit it and bookmark it today!

Stay tuned for future developments.   We apologize to those of you who are sick of hearing about lawyers and want to just visit to enjoy the Olsen material on this site.   We feel obliged however to keep you keenly aware of the very forces which are at work to extinguish fan outlets such as ours.   Thank you all for your time, consideration and support.


Legal Issues
Lawyers representing Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen and their company Dualstar Entertainment Group, Inc. have contacted the owners of this web site and other higher profile fan sponsored web sites.   A primary concern voiced by the lawyers for Dualstar is over the use of Olsen related domain names such as olsentwins.net, on sites not run or controlled by Dualstar.  The lawyers are requesting that sites such as ours cease operations.  Given the fact that OlsenTwins.net is a fan sponsored web site promoting only the positive side of Mary-Kate and Ashley's public persona, we feel that such a request is a bit over the top. 

Our mission as a fan sponsored web site has, and continues to be, one of presenting material of interest to Olsen fans worldwide, in a positive, career promoting fashion.  Our hopes are that the legal teams representing the Olsens will ultimately see that the mission of this and other fansites is only positive, and does not detract in any meaningful way from the empire that Mary-Kate and Ashley have worked hard to build.   Since 1998, OlsenTwins.net has been committed to connecting fans throughout the world.   We hope to continue this mission, as we feel sites like this only enhance the fan experience, not harm it.   

OlsenTwins.net appreciates your continued support during these trying times.   We will work hard to keep you informed of any and all developments.  You can track an ongoing discussion of this matter at the Olsen Discussion Board @ sweetin.com.

Thank you for your support,


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