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  The girls turn 20 on Tuesday June 13, 2006!   

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Mary Kate and Ashley to receive Hollywood star in 2004
Mary Kate and Ashley will be honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2004.   For complete details and to see who else is being added, check out this article from the Mercury News.

Thanks to "mkaofever" for this submission.

"When In Rome"
           When In Rome - 

Riding on the success of Mary-Kate and Ashley's popular formula from previous films showcasing London and Paris, this one takes them to Rome as sophisticated working girls. The Olsen twins play fictional sisters Charli and Leila, summer interns at a global fashion and entertainment company.  -- Amazon.com

Order now on  VHS  or  DVD

Mary Kate and Ashley guests on "Tonight Show"
Mary Kate and Ashley were guests on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Tuesday June 11, 2002.   Thanks to one of your fellow Olsen fans, AJ, we are happy to share a streaming video clip of the appearance.

Streaming RealVideo  or  Download clip

"Getting There" 
             Getting There - 

"Sweet 16 and licensed to drive..."

Catch up with these adventurous young ladies as they reach this milestone.   Full of fun!

Available June 11, 2002 in the US.

Order now on  VHS  or  DVD

Mary-Kate and Ashley featured in UK TV Report
Mary-Kate and Ashley were featured in an ITV report on the controversial subject of marketing to young people.   OlsenTwins.net has obtained a copy of this report which aired on May 20, 2002 in the UK.

Streaming RealVideo  or  Download clip 1, clip 2, clip 3

Special thanks to AJ and PaulC for providing these clips.  Be advised these clips were supplied in an edited form.

Mary-Kate Nominated for Daytime Emmy
Mary-Kate (and no, not Ashley also) was nominated for an award in the category, "Outstanding Performer In A Children's Series" for her role as Riley Carlson on "So Little Time".    In the live broadcast which aired May 17, 2002 on CBS, Mary-Kate was up against some stiff competition.    Regrettably, she did not win, losing to Levar Burton for the acclaimed PBS program, "Reading Rainbow".  

Let's all remember the honor of being nominated.   In fact, Mary-Kate was the first teenager ever nominated in that category!   Job well done, Mary Kate! 

Streaming Video Clip of the award presentation  [download clip]

Mary-Kate and Ashley - 20/20 Downtown Interview
OlsenTwins.net is pleased to offer a high-quality video clip of the interview which aired Wednesday, February 6, 2002.

Streaming RealVideo          Download the RealVideo Clip

Breaking News: So Little Time to end!
Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen appear to be ready to shift gears in their careers and leave the small screen of TV behind.   With the intent of pursuing big screen movie roles, the girls will be saying goodbye to their TV series So Little Time.   

Swing on over to the Olsen Discussion Board @ sweetin.com to discuss this hot topic!

MTV Fake ID Club Feature
Mary-Kate and Ashley and their amazing career were highlighted in a November 2001 segment on the MTV show, "Fake ID Club".  The show highlights the under 21 crowd who have made a difference, despite their relatively young age.

Streaming RealVideo (DSL/Cable Modems)
Download the RealVideo Clip (Size = 9.5 MBytes)

New Video: Holiday In The Sun
     Holiday In The Sun
Mary-Kate and Ashley are spending Winter Break in the Bahamas. Their parents bring them along, but that means they have to miss their school trip to Hawaii with their best friends. Determined to make the best of the situation, the girls decide there's only one thing to do: unleash a tropical hurricane of off-the-hook action and head-over-heels romance!

Order Today

So Little Time Premieres!


So Little Time


Your favorite twins are coming back to TV!  Taping for their new series, So Little Time, began in late February 2001.   Fox Family Channel began airing the show weekly starting Saturday, June 2, 2001.   Please check your local listings for exact time and channel.

Check out our new So Little Time section for video clips.

Photo courtesy: foxfamilychannel.com

More info is also available at foxfamilychannel.com.  

Total Access 24/7
OlsenTwins.net is your source for video clips of the April 28,2001 airing of the Fox Family Channel show, "Total Access 24/7" which featured Mary-Kate and Ashley.  Follow the girls on the set of their new TV series, "So Little Time".    An exclusive behind the scenes look at a day in the life of your favorite twins!

Broadband Streaming RealVideo (256kbps or greater)

Individual Clips

Clip 1 Clip 2 Clip 3 Clip 4
To save clips to your computer, right click on any of the above links, and select 'Save Target As'
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E! Content Removed
At the request of the copyright holder, all clips from the E! Entertainment Television network have been permanently removed effective August 23, 2001.  
New Feature Video
     Mary-Kate and Ashley take on London in their latest feature video.  Filmed on location in London, England.  You are sure to love this latest video.  Sure to be a hit!

Available now!  

Get your copy today!

A companion book will also be available in May 2001.

AOL Chat
Mary-Kate and Ashley held a chat on America Online (AOL) on Monday, November 20, 2000 at 4:30 PM PST.  A transcript is now available in our archives.  Visit the Olsen Discussion Board @ sweetin.com for ongoing discussions on this and other Olsen topics.
Olsen 'Bad Girls' on 7th Heaven
Mary-Kate and Ashley guest starred in an episode of the WB Series, "7th Heaven".   The episode aired on Monday November 20, 2000 in most areas.  

Broadband Streaming RealVideo (256kbps or greater)

Individual Clips

Photo courtesy: Earth Angels
Chat Transcripts
Visit our transcripts archive for a vast selection of transcripts from chats featuring Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.
Legal Issues
Lawyers representing Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen and their company Dualstar Entertainment Group, Inc. have contacted the owners of this web site and other higher profile fan sponsored web sites.   New guidelines which could well snuff out the very existence of some fan sponsored Olsen sites have been implemented by Dualstar.
(More info...)
Movie Fun from Down Under
  Our Lips Are Sealed

Our Lips Are Sealed was filmed on location in Australia.   Action and intrigue highlight this latest Dualstar release.

Get your copy.

New Video Fun
Mary-Kate and Ashley's School Dance Party

A fun party video.  Come with Mary-Kate and Ashley to the big school dance party and have some super fun.

Get your copy



You're Invited to Mary-Kate and Ashley's
Greatest Parties

A collection of three of your all time favorite party videos.

Get your copy



The Amazing Adventures of Mary-Kate and Ashley

Features 3 classic Olsen videos:
The Case of the Sea World Adventure
The Case of the U.S. Space Camp Mission
The Case of the Hotel Who-Done-It

Get your copy

May 29th Rosie Recap!
On Monday May 29th, Mary-Kate and Ashley joined Rosie O'Donnell once again on her hit talk show for a short but sweet interview.  There were no big surprises, but it was still fun to see the girls.

Missed it in your area?

Listen to the Interview: (Windows Media Player or RealPlayer)

Read: Transcript of the Interview

Watch the full interview:

Want more?  Be sure to check out all the other fabulous fan websites worldwide, sure to have vidcaps, video, transcripts, and insight into the appearance.
More Game Boy fun!
The New Adventures of Mary-Kate & Ashley™: Get A Clue
on Game Boy Color
by Acclaim Entertainment

Mary-Kate & Ashley are back in an all new adventure for Game Boy Color! Team up again with Mary-Kate, Ashley, and their trusty dog Clue to solve all new exciting cases filled with suspense, mystery and thrills! From a spooky summer camp to a mystifying museum, you're sure to have the adventure of a lifetime!

Get your copy today!

"Switching Goals" available on video
On Sunday, December 12th, 1999,  Mary-Kate and Ashley starred in the 2 hour TV movie, Switching Goals, which aired in the US on ABC.  For those who didn't get to see the movie, or wish they could see it again, good news!  This great movie is now available on home video.  Don't miss the chance to make this video a part of your Olsen video library.  Click and  order your copy today!

Didn't get to see Switching Goals when it was on TV or want to get a sneak peek?  OlsenTwins.net is happy to be able to bring you a collection of over 60 pictures captured from scenes in the movie.

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Message Board
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Newly Enhanced Fan Chat Room
New and improved with Java access, drop by our updated fan chat.  A great place to hang out with Olsen fans worldwide!   You won't find Mary-Kate or Ashley in this room, but you will find fans with the latest news and gossip.

  Make the OlsenTwins.net chat room your #1 stop for Olsen fan fun!  The room is one of OlsenTwins.net's best kept secrets up to now, so if you don't find anyone in the room, bring a friend next time and make the OlsenTwins.net chat room RoCk!  The more the merrier, so start your fun today!

Olsen Girls on Donny & Marie
Mary-Kate and Ashley returned to the Donny & Marie show for another appearance on Wednesday, February 9.  Discussion highlights include their Our Story biography, and their special Valentine's Day book.  

Missed the show?  OlsenTwins.net is here for you!

Transcript of the show

Clips below will be available after 3 pm eastern time, December 31, 2001.

RealVideo for high speed broadband connections
Intro, Clip 1, Clip 2, Clip 3, Clip 4
or Streaming (all of above)
RealAudio so you can listen to the interview

Also check out the many fan websites featuring tons of vidcaps from the show and join the discussion of the show on the Olsen Discussion Board

Mary-Kate and Ashley Featured in LA Times Article
The Sunday, January 30, 2000 issue of the Los Angeles Times Magazine featured a cool article on Mary-Kate and Ashley, and their media empire.  A great interview peering into what makes our miniature moguls tick.  

Catch the full scoop in our Article Archives... Then come discuss it with other fans on our Olsen Fan Message Board.

Special thanks to the LA Times and Poobie for the cover images.

 Olsen Official Biography
Mary-Kate & Ashley:  Our Story

 Ever wanted to know the true story about Mary-Kate and Ashley?  Well now you can.  Straight from them via this great new book, get the official story of the Olsen girls' life.  In so few years they have accomplished oh so much.  From Full House to today, two girls so fascinating together yet so different.  

Get your copy today!

 MKA Greatest Hits
Now available on cassette or CD, featuring some of your old favorites plus a couple of new tracks.  An 'enhanced CD', it even includes special video clips and others treats you can view by inserting the CD into your CD-ROM.  16 great tracks in all, for your Olsen pleasure!

Check it out today!

Mary-Kate and Ashley on Donny and Marie Show

On October 22nd, 1999, Mary-Kate and Ashley made an awesome appearance on the Donny and Marie Show.  Did you get to see it?  If not, don't worry.  OlsenTwins.net is here to bring you the highlights.

Transcript of show

Video clips temporarily unavailable. Will be back soon.

Streaming audio coverage of show


Also check out the many fan websites featuring tons of vidcaps from the show and join the discussion of the show on the Olsen Discussion Board

Olsen Fun and Games

For the Nintendo Game Boy

The New Adventures of Mary-Kate & Ashley™ on Game Boy Color
by Acclaim Entertainment

Solve five big mysteries in this fun and exciting puzzle game. From a haunted fun house to a mysterious mansion, you and the twins will have plenty of curious cases to handle!

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Mary-Kate & Ashley's Dance Party of the Century
by Acclaim Entertainment

Mary-Kate & Ashley are psyched for Dance Party of the Century! This great new PC game teaches you how to get down and boogie with popular dances from decades throughout the century. You'll learn the Mambo, how to Vogue, Country Line Dancing and a whole lot more! It's gonna be off-the-hook!

Buy  your copy today!

Two of a Kind on Fox Family
* TOAK *
OlsenTwins.net is happy to report that Mary-Kate and Ashley's smash sitcom, Two of a Kind, can be seen on the Fox Family Channel. Though these will be reruns of the episodes we all enjoyed on ABC, it will be an exciting chance to see America's favorite girls on our TV again. Check your local TV listings for times and channels.
My Mary-Kate & Ashley Diary
Share your most intimate thoughts and feelings with Mary-Kate and Ashley in this new release.  My Mary-Kate & Ashley Diary is the perfect place to keep all your secret thoughts and dreams.  It even includes a special mood-o-meter to measure how you're feeling.  A must have for every young fan.

Get it today!


New Video!

Mary-Kate and Ashley are back!

Don't miss their latest zany new movie, Passport To Paris.
Fun and romance... Paris style! 
Available NOW on video!

Add a copy to your video library today!
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